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Type: Committee
Meeting location: Committee Room, KDOL TV Studio, B-237, Met West High School Entrance, 314 East 10th Street, Oakland, CA 94606-2291, Internet - Zoom & Granicus; Broadcasted - KDOL-TV (Comcast Channel 27 and AT&T Channel 99)

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Measure G Parcel Tax Oversight Committee Date created: August 27, 2008 Resolution No. 0809-0043 Purpose: To inform the public concerning the expenditure of parcel tax revenues and to review and report on the proper expenditure of taxpayers' money generated by the 2009 Measure G parcel tax. The committee shall: * Receive and review a report from the Superintendent no later than December 31st of each year that details: (1) the amount of Education Parcel Tax revenues received and expended in the prior year, including District reports and independent annual audit reports pertaining hereto; and (2) the status of any projects of descriptions of any program funded from proceeds of the tax. * Produce an annual report on the preceding fiscal year expenditures for public distribution and distribution to the Board of Education not later than February 28th annually that communicates the Committee's finding as to whether tax proceeds are being spent for the purposes permitted by the Measure and recommendations, if any. The Committee shall have the option to tour sites where Parcel Tax revenues are being expended. Special Selection Process: The Committee shall consist of seven (7) members, and shall possess expertise in or represent the following: * One member shall be the parent or guardian of a child enrolled in the District; * One member shall be both a parent or guardian of a child enrolled in the District and active in a parent-teacher organization, such as the School Site Council or Parent Teacher Association; * One member shall be a community member who does not currently have a child enrolled in the District * One member shall be a representative of the business community; and * At least two members shall have demonstrated financial expertise. At least four members of the committee shall be property owners in the City of Oakland. A single individual may be appointed as a representative of more than one of the above categories, if applicable. The District shall seek to ensure the Committee is representative of the diversity of the District. (Board Bylaw 9131)